Tuesday, February 20, 2007 AD

Homebrew Update

On this, the 2 year anniversary of PDD, I'll give some updates on the homebrew situation here.

I'm glad that one is permitted to drink beer in Lent without violating fast "rules", so I'm planning on doing just that. Tomorrow I'll bottle my first two all-grain beers: my "fell in the snow" IPA, and an amber ale I'm gonna call "Covenant Elite: Amber Ale". (wort, wort, wort!). I'm nervous that my IPA is infected, because it has a scent that seems sour to me. The amber smells a bit off as well, but I think it may be ok. I'll bottle them both and we'll find out later if they really are infected. Slow fermenting was the problem I'm sure, since it's so cold in my house (55 downstairs, 60-65 upstairs). I know of a few places where contamination may have occurred (mainly, my wort chiller which leaks a bit of tap water into the wort... gotta tighten the connections up more somehow) and I"ll try to fix those before the next batch.

The BVM milkstout is almost ready to taste. I'll crack the first one open on Friday the 23rd (Commemoration of St. Polycarp, Bishop & Martyr).

Upcoming beers include a Belgian wit that I'm calling "Il bianco e dulce cigno" (The sweet and white swan, a famous renaissance text). Also another IPA attempt, as a "Farewell to Grand Rapids" brew. Also a simple Pale Ale to make new friends at the seminary during summer greek. Fall beers may include a spiced pumpkin ale for October and a doppelbock (my first lager) for Advent. I started a google calendar for my beer brewing schedule. You can all view it here

Blessed Ash Wednesday tomorrow!


Blogger cynic1 said...

I'm absolutely sure that Jesus drank beer during Lent.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous steves said...

Not sure how your connection fits but sometimes connections can be snug down some by getting some teflon tape and wrapping it around the male part of a connection. Especially if thread are involved.

4:48 PM  

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