Monday, December 04, 2006 AD

Homebrew update! (Sorry)

Sorry friends. forgot to check the comments!

The Stout turned out pretty good. Definetly drinkable, though I'm sure it could be better. My second beer is finished too: a dry-hopped IPA. I don't like it as much... some off flavors, mostly tastes a bit soapy. I think either I didn't clean it very well or perhaps I had it condition at too high a temperature. Still drinkable too, but not as nicely.

My next beer needs to get in the fermenter soon, but I haven't gotten around to brewing yet. It will be a cream stout. I'll be calling it the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) Milk Stout. It will be done sometime after Christmas.... so perfect for a post-nativity drinking beer. After all, cream stouts are supposed to be good for nursing mothers! :)


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