Sunday, October 29, 2006 AD

hip. hip-HOPS. hip-HOPS-anonymous

Hi. I'm Sean and I'm a hop-head.
[Welcome, Sean]
Let me share one of my new best friends:

Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

I knew I liked IPAs, so I took a chance and got a pint of it at my favorite local bar.

Good choice. It was awesome! The other day I asked for it again, and I was dejected when they brought me a bottle. I asked the bartender, and she told me that they didn't have it on draught anymore, but it is nearly the same out of the bottle. She was absolutely right. Tap or bottle, this beer always is great!

I'm only starting to understand the taste (and associated vocabulary) of beers and how to describe them, but this was a fantastic one. I think it's the balance of this one that made it so nice: great hops, great sweet malt... a good one. The high alcohol content was something I could notice, but it wasn't the focal point of the beer... just an added bonus! :)

Presently I'm drinking Stone Ruination IPA. This beer will knock you flat on every possible level. You can read the bottle cover and the press release at the link. I recommend it too, but I think the dogfish is much more drinkable, even for such a high alcohol content. It's becoming clear to me as I type that the Stone was a poor choice on an empty stomach! :) It only comes in 22's, so watch out!


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