Thursday, September 07, 2006 AD

"My" Bar in G.R.

I think I found "my" bar in Grand Rapids: Logan's Alley. Nice "real bar" atmosphere, but more importantly: Good Beer.

146 bottle beers from around the world
20 beers on tap which change every so often.
-most of these 20 draught beers are local or micro breweries.
They are hosting the "Official Ichabod Release Party" next monday for New Holland Brewing Co.'s "Ichabod" pumpkin beer (fall seasonal)
They have beer specials every Wednesday (my typical bar day) and Thursday, where one of their draughts is only 2 bucks

Interesting also is their "Around the World Club" challenge: Drink all their beers in 1 year's time. I just might do it too. It'd be a rather significant expense, but I figured it out and it doesn't cost much more than my cable internet bill. (comcast is the devil)

me in bar=social activity. me on internet=antisocial.... unless it's posting on PDD of course ;)

If I take on the challenge, it will begin next Wednesday, my birthday (21 plus 1). If so, expect to see detailed posts on here about each beer- maybe using Swede's rating system.


Blogger Anita Wright said...

My dh and I used to live right around the corner from there! Ahh fond memories of sitting on the outdoor porch enjoying the half off Guiness night ;)
I miss Logan's and Martha's Vineyard.

4:43 PM  

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