Friday, June 30, 2006 AD

More Steins

Shortly before my recent trip to Germany to play "pirate" with the youngest grandbaby a friend asked me if I would find him a beer stein while there. Little did I know it would be a rather daunting task. Not knowing what kind he's like I asked him, "What sort?" He said, "One with a Lutheran theme."

Having been raised in Germany I'm not a fan of steins that proudly proclaim, "I was bought in Munchen" in German. Nor did I think a stein with Neuschwanstein in bas relief was particualrly "Lutheran" in theme. Still, that was the extent of what we seemed to be running into for a while. Mugs at the local Hofbrauhaus we could find, as well as cheap "tourista" steins a-plenty. But it took quite a good bit of looking to find something of quality and those with anything remotely Lutheran in theme.

Finally in Heidelberg the issue began to resolve itelf. It was there I found this stein, depicting not only the city and its famous castle, but also the largest beer keg in the world. Can't get more Lutheran than that. On the other side it the patron "saint" of beer, Portheo. Further settling the Lutheran tie is the Heidelberg Disputation of May 1518 in which Brother Martin set forth most clearly his thesis regarding what it is to be a theologian of the cross.

Outside the Heiliggeistkirche , the downtown Lutheran Cathedral in Heidelberg, I found this pewter tankard. German pewter does not have the same lead content as American pewter. It can be used for food and beverages. It depicts simple folk in their daily lives and at prayer. The cross-like image in the right background is a crucifix shrine that is often found especially throughout Bavaria.

The last one I found in a small shop in Bavaria. It is hand-painted fine porcelain with a pewter top. On it there is a man and a woman encircled by hearts and flowers and fanciful designs. It is meant to depict marriage in a typical Bavarian design. Nothing more Lutheran than celebrating marriage with beer!

The steins are properly delivered to their rightful owner, so I can share their picture with y'all here.


Blogger David said...

Love your blog! As a life long Lutheran and homebrewing enthusiast, I commend you on your diligent efforts to pass along this grat tradition.

One of Brother Martin's favorite past times, as you may well know, was to debate theological issues with his students while enjoying Katie's homebrew.

PDD...I love it!

8:11 AM  

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