Sunday, May 21, 2006 AD

Summer ales: Moose Drool's Summer Honey versus Schell's Zommerfest

After a long absence, I finally have a post for the Purpose Driven Drinking blog. I recently tried two beers labeled as "summer" ales. The first was New Ulm's Schell Brewery's Zommerfest and the second was Moose Drool's Summer Honey.

I had my husband also compare the two beers. Both are excellent summer brews, being light in taste and appearance. The Zommerfest is far less sweet than the Summer Honey, not surprisingly. Summer Honey is sweet and tastes best on its own and the Zommerfest begs to be enjoyed with salty or spicy foods, such as chips, salsa or pizza. The Summer Honey also has the flavor of some sweet spices. Zommerfest has a sharpness to its taste.

Recommendation: Moose Drool's Summer Honey is my favorite and the Schell's Zommerfest is my husband's favorite. We recommend them both!


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