Saturday, June 24, 2006 AD

Drinking to the Southern Baptists

Kepler of Tarheel Lutheran, on the subject of adiophora, says, Yep, I thought so.

About what? Well, the second part of his post, dealing with Marian statuary in Lutheran congregations, doesn't really reflect the focus of this blog. However, the earlier portion, concerning the new Southern Baptist Convention's raising the bar of alcohol-based legalism, is prime material for PDD.

So pour yourself, a drink, read the post, and find some friends for a road trip to the stadiums mentioned in the excellent post Kepler cites: Busch Stadium, Coors Field, and Miller Park.


Blogger Dcs. Emily Carder said...

Down here we are suffering a drought. Must be so. No bars in the county. Nary a liquor store, either. Gotta cross the Pearl for that business. And their babies... well... apparently they are "the parched earth that demands the clouds to rain upon them," as the good man Sawyer puts it. Imagine that.

Me and mine just pop a top and are mindful of who it is who sends the rain, and His word, too. Beer is good for that. Never saw a mug I didn't think needed filling.

1:48 PM  

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