Tuesday, January 23, 2007 AD

What State the Union?

Thanks to Necessary Roughness, we discover a way to endure the State of the Union Address and its Democratic rebuttal tonight.

We interrupt this hat tip to bring you an essential disclaimer. We publish the following links for entertainment purposes only. Please do not push the game to its obvious extremes. Dangerously high alcohol levels might result.

In Prep for the State of the Union, Dan points his readers to The State of the Union Address Drinking Game, a group participation activity based upon words and actions from tonight's speechification.

Use with extreme caution — total oblivion may otherwise result.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laughed at the Drinking game rules. Reminds me of "Hi Bob" with the Newhart show. As a Sem student we could have played that one at Gemutlichtkeit if we had those on Tuesday which we don't (Fridays0

6:15 PM  

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