Tuesday, December 13, 2005 AD

How to Spend a Wednesday Night in Holland, Michigan.

Here's my recipe for success. It's tried and true, and next semester I'm going to be more diligent and faithful.

1. Make sure it's Wednesday Night!
2. Go downtown to the.New Holland Brewery
3. Bring your stein, but make sure it's bigger than this one! (even if its less pretty or confessional)
4. Fill up with a Mainstay (I recommend the mad hatter IPA or the Sundog Amber) or a Seasonal (hands down, Winter is best: Poet-the stout!) Beer for 4 bones.
5. Enjoy laughs, conversations, and beer with your pals.
6. Repeat 'till exhilarated.
Continue with any of these options 7-10:
-Visit the Vanderplex and sit in your buddy's 'office' while you discuss everything from religion to politics to girls. Mostly girls.
-Visit some friends at any given dorm, cottage, or house for a "pop in". They always love visitors early in the morning :)
-Continue the party at the Curraugh for a Guinness or two!
-Visit WTHS 89.9 The Voice of Hope College and stop in at Kenny's METAL SHOW for a deafenin' good time *throws up the horns*
11. Between 1 and 2am, make your way to Good Time Donuts. Come to the back door, knock and enter. There you can meet the two guys who work all night. They don't speak much English, but that won't stop you from coming away with a few cheap donuts, fresh from the fryer. Grab a few day-olds from the bag by the door on the way out!
12. Come back to your house or a friends.
13. Maybe treat yourself to a quick nite-cap.
14. Double up with your buddy on the 1-man couch, even though your bed is just a flight of stairs away, and enjoy an uncomfortable night's sleep that will leave you aching and moaning in the morning. Don't worry, it will still be the deepest and most satisfying rest you've had all week. Hope you don't have an 8:30 class!

Though Holland is snowy, boring, snowy, lame, snowy, Dutch, and snowy.... Wednesday Night: Stein Night, stands as the beacon of Hope for us, the poor college students begging for an end to the dull town nightlife and solace from our class-borne misery.


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