Sunday, December 11, 2005 AD

Three More sites!

Being as I haven't used my powers given to me on this blog yet by the Swede, I decided to add three more sites to the links. First, we have Modern Drunkard Magazine, a magazine I have linked to in the past on this blog but hadn't put on the links page. All I can say is "Shake Shake!" (If you don;t know what I mean by that, you didn't read the articles I linked to). The second link is Liquor Snob. Dot let the name fool you. From what I have read so far, there isn't a beverage with ethanol that he doesn't like. He also finds weird alcohol-related devices and features them on his blog. For instance, who wouldn't like to have a Leatherman Juice to take care of all the alcohol-related problems you may face like bottle tops and wine corks. The third link is to The Scotch Blog, a site about the only alcohol I like more than beer. Anyway, use these links however you see fit, and know there are other bloggers talking about beer and liquor out there.

Also, the enourmous amount of posts are just too much. I decided to change that too.


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