Tuesday, October 25, 2005 AD

Katie's beer

I am very intrigued by this rich and earthy account of Katie and Martin Luther:

Dr. Kirsi: Luther was very fond of her (Katie's) beer. She was in charge of making good German beer. And every body enjoyed that. The students. The visitors. And especially Luther. And Katarina was in charge of all that. Because Luther was busy being Luther. Writing, teaching, arguing, having beer, having conversations. He used to give fabulous wedding gifts and throw huge banquets. Until Katie came in and said, "No way. We have to feed our family and our guests." Luther was very eccentric. Very difficult to live with. Very high maintenance spouse. He was sometimes, probably smelly. He didn't really take care of his hygiene or diet or anything. His bed was rotting. He forgot to change the straw. Katie knew all about this. And this was an older man. 42 year old. Katharina was 26. So what was the attraction there? If there was an attraction it was probably on a spiritual and intellectual and mental level. Katarina must have had tremendous respect towards Luther. Even before they got married. And once they got married her respect and love shows in her always deferring to Herr Doctor in public. Probably not in bed. But in public. Herr Doctor Martinus Luther.

From the E*CA: This in-depth video documentary looks at the life of the woman who helped Luther change the course of history. Featuring the insights of noted Katharina experts Dr. Kirsi Stjerna, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and theologian Dr. Martin Treu, Wittenberg, Germany this new video sheds new light on an often overlooked partner in the reformation.


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