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Behold Chocolate Bock!

Behold Chocolate Bock!
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At our poker game, I brought out one of Sam Adams Extreme Beers: Chocolate Bock. It smelled like chocolate and tasted like chocolate. It also had a hops taste.

Here's what the tag has to say: For centuries, the world's finest brewers have created rich, complex dark beers known as bocks. The best bocks, like Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, display many layers of luxurious flavors. For our bock, only hand selected hops from the world's oldest growing area are combined with a complex selection of carefully roasted malts and a centuries old brewing process. Finally, the beer is slowly aged on a a bed of rich chocolate that is specially blended by the master chocolatiers at Scharffen Berger Chocolate. This aging on special chocolate creates a flavor like no other.

Picture courtesy of Dan the Geologist.


Blogger Nick said...

Good beer, except for the price tag. Damn capitalist.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Rev. Alex Klages said...

Mmm... chocolate beer... reminds me of a porterhouse ale from a microbrewery in the city I went to seminary at. I was greatly disappointed to return home from vicarage to find my favourite brewery bankrupt.

9:16 AM  
Blogger The Terrible Swede said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention the price tag. It was regularly $15 but got on sale for $12. Prices vary by location and demand of course.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

terrible swede: Is that the price for a 6 pack? Also, what effect does it have on you--I mean, with
alcohol *and* caffeine, does it make you sleepy or wide awake?!

11:07 AM  
Blogger The Terrible Swede said...

Dear Anonymous:

No, it is (I verified it again last nite at the liquor store) the price of a big bottle (14 oz?).

As for the effect: It varies from person to person, of course. The predominant of the two is the alcohol, then the chocolate.

As for me, yes, I am a sleepy drunk.

5:29 PM  

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