Wednesday, September 07, 2005 AD

I'm not Honked-off about This Ale

Honker's AleThe Goose Island Beer Company of Chicago, Illinois produces an interesting array of beers, many crafted in the English brewing tradition.

One of their offerings is Honker's Ale, which the company lists as its flagship pale ale. I've noticed that "flagships" sometimes pander to an unreachable middle ground, but his brew has its own personality. Melding a medium-high bitterness to creamy maltiness provides one the effect of nuts with a bite. This one does a good job of melding refreshment with richness.

Some beers in this class are overly floral for my taste, their fruitiness ending up as perfume. Not so, Honker's Ale. The broad flavor has just a slight fruit undertone and the overall balance is great.

After sampling this ale, I find myself looking for other Goose Island products. However, I still don't see any chance of cheering for such Chicago products as the Cubs.


Blogger Pr. David Rufner said...

I stumbled upon your little blog here and couldn't agree more with your views on the honkers' ale.

I did my vicarage just blocks from the Goose Island brewery in Chicago, so if I may, I would like to suggest another goose island brew... their 'Hex Nut Brown Ale'. In the tradition of English brown ales I find it to be a fantastic beer - although hard to find depending on where you are located.

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