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Adjusting to the new beers available

As many of you know, I moved from Kansas to Pennsylvania because of a job opportunity. One of the first things I had to adjust to was many of the beers I had grown accustom to and liked are not as available, and I had to adapt. The move also allowed me to try some beers that I had heard about but were not available in the Midwest. Yuengling (America's oldest Brewery) does not make it east of the Mississippi (or Appalachia, for that matter). Tröegs has been an extremely pleasant surprise. The beers of Brooklyn Brewery are wonderful, and the most amazing is that I can drink stuff from Stone Brewery here, while it is unavailable in Kansas. It's a California beer. Go figure. Penn Brewery has also grown on me.

Yuengling is now my everyday beer, while Tröegs and Stone tend to make up my "change up" beers. Penn beers have also grown on me.

If any of you manage to make it out this way, we'll go to Mad Max. They have a good selection, and happy hour is Friday afternoon.

That's not to say I miss my old favorites. Leinenkugel can only be found in two or three incarnations (a shame) and isn't the bargain it is in Kansas. Avery (perhaps my favorite brewer) is unheard of, and Flying Monkey (my favorite Kansas brew, and my favorite brewery tour) probably doesn't make it East of the Mississippi. When I go back to visit my family, you can bet I'll be bringing home 5 or 6 cases of beer.


Blogger Evan said...

I had a similar experience when I was first stationed here in NC.

Yuengling's about my most "local" option in these parts, so I mostly stick to that and Sam Adams. Boy do I miss the upper Midwest! At least on a military base I've got the Class 6, which carries a better national selection than any place in town. They've usually got Leinie's, but only the specialties like Honey Weiss or Sunset Wheat. Why can't I get a red lager or creamy dark? Sigh.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

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5:35 PM  
Blogger johncharles said...

Brooklyn beers are usually quite good. The lager used to be my usual when I lived in athens, oh. If you can get your hands on anything from Great Lakes, I recomend most of them. It's strange to even think that some of my favorite beer could come from Cleveland.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Visit family in SC and finally got to try a Yuengling (Traditional Lager). I thought it was good.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Kooz said...

Yuengling is very good (as you've discovered).

4:35 AM  

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