Sunday, March 06, 2005 AD

As a preface for the Serendipity Beer posts...

Guys, this is good stuff. From this site (you'll need to scroll down a little):

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock
There were always rumours that in the earlier years of last century an even stronger Aventinus existed. Hans Peter Drexler, brewmaster at the Schneider Brewery, investigated and found that in the cold winters the precious drink partially froze and due to the separation of water from the liquid, a concentrated version was created. Hans Peter Drexler managed to re-create this mystery in a controlled environment and the Aventinus Eisbock was born. Aventinus Eisbock is almost black in colour, full body with malty notes in the nose and chocolate, caramel, fruit and spices on the palate. A full and rich body make it pure indulgence to the extreme. (Alc/Vol 12.0%)

Notice the alcohol/volume. Twelve percent for a beer. Where's the American beer at, huh?

Here's more from the Beer Hunter:


An extra-strong (Doppel) bock beer in which potency has been heightened by a process of freezing. Since water freezes before alcohol, the removal of ice (eis) concentrates the beer.
I wanted to make this the first post of this beer blog, but St. Pauli Girl with her beer (not her charms) was the winner.


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