Tuesday, July 14, 2009 AD

Yamazaki: Frank's New Favorite Single Malt

By Frank at Putting Out the Fire.

I had heard rumors that the Japanese had a few whiskeys that rivaled anything out of Scotland for some time. This weekend I was able to try Yamazaki, a Japanese single malt, for the first time and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how good it was. Yamazaki may just be my new favorite “Scotch” as I don’t recall enjoying a new whiskey as much I enjoyed Yamazaki.

Over the past few years I’ve taken a liking to a peatier smoky flavor in my single malts. While Yamazaki doesn’t have this character as much as I’m used to, the smooth honey sweet palate made me question my fascination with Highland and Islay peat. After the first three sips I actually reached for bottle questioning the alcohol content. I didn’t remember drinking anything that smooth since my last tasting of Macallan 25 a few years back.

If Yamazaki does have one drawback it is the mild finish. This may just a idiosyncrasy of mine alone as I’ve drank single malts with a smoky finish without a changing it up for a bit a variety for some time. Still, Yamazaki has a pleasant and ubër smooth finish and its difficult drink to set down.

Yamazaki may just be the best thing imported from Japan since all those Gojira flicks which entertained me though the long years at the orphanarium. At one time I believed that the only good single malt whisky was of Scottish origin; I now know that is simply not the case.