Monday, April 23, 2007 AD

You Must Now Be Registered to Comment...

Due to a questionable comment, you must now be registered to comment on Purpose Driven Drinking. If it persists, I'll be forced to do comment moderation.

My plate is very full (whose isn't?) and I will attend to the broken link pictures as soon as I can.

Questions or comments?

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Sunday, April 22, 2007 AD

Change in Venue Adjusts Carnival Orientation

Lutheran Carnival XLVIII is up and running at Living Sermons. Posts this week traveled to Japan before being put together four your reading pleasure and theological edification. Thanks to the chaplain for a job well done and thanks to all who dropped by the Alley over the past fortnight to check out Carny 47.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007 AD

Beer in the Bible

Can I give the Aardvark one of his own Aardie's? I highlighted an older post, Beer in the Bible, from Ask the Pastor this week on my blog, Katie's Beer. The post was noticed by a website called Hop Talk. Be sure to visit and say hello!

The main reason I highlighted the post is for this amazing Luther quote, which struck me as a very clear illustration of the difference between works-based religion and grace-based faith in God through Jesus Christ. The quote is well- introduced by Pastor Snyder:

Since we Lutherans are often stereotyped as beer-lovers, it seems appropriate to examine Biblical precedent. After all, Martin Luther (probably only partially in jest) commented upon doing what he could, then having a brew and getting out of the Lord's way during the Reformation: “I opposed indulgences and all the papists, but never with force. I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing. And while I slept [cf. Mark 4:26–29], or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends Philipp [Melanchthon] and [Nicholas] Amsdorf, the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor ever inflicted such losses upon it. I did nothing; the Word did everything.”

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 AD

This Ol' Aardvark's Carnival

Lent is over, the unbridled celebration of our Lord's resurrection has begun. I can pour an Eiswein* and enjoy the fruits of my labor in hosting the XLVIIth edition of the Lutheran Carnival of Blogs at Aardvark Alley.

*Review to follow upon completion of my field research.

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