Friday, June 16, 2006 AD

Quest update

My quest to visit extreme located breweries is half complete. In August of 2004, I got a pint of a house brew (don't remember what it tasted like except that it was bland) from "Silver Gulch" Saloon and Brewery in Fairbanks, AK (The Northernmost brewery in the US).

In June of 2006, I drank all four varieties of beer from "Kelly's Key West" (The Southernmost Brewery in the US AND owned by Kelly McGillis, the actress who played opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun).None were spectacular and three tasted like their recipe's had been borrowed from AB.

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Blogger Augustine said...

Your picture of the seductive woman below is an illustration of your antinomianism and your disgrace to Lutheranism. The Confessions speak to licentious Lutherans calling them ones who live in an "epicurean delusion." For the sake of those who are "weak" could you at least remove the picture of the seductive woman below?

10:02 AM  
Blogger The Terrible Swede said...

Dear Augustine:

The short answer to your question is: no.

I will not remove the St. Pauli girl. She's not naked and not offensive - she is the 'saint' of this blog. She's also 'purty'. Can you appreciate 'purty'?

I think your charge of antinomianism is false. Go to private confession for the 8th commandment. Or maybe the 6th or 9th?

And dear sir, please go watch some Monty Python while you drink a brew of your choice to rid yourself of pietism.

Cordially Yours,

The Terrible Swede

11:45 AM  
Blogger Augustine said...

Terrible Swede,

You talk about St. Pauli girl? You call a girl that is flaunting fake breasts a saint? Do you think it is good stewardship for woman to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery so that she can have temporary satisfaction from the world? Seductive woman with enormous fake breasts are causing many Christian men to sin, are ruining marriages, and lowering the self-esteem of many American woman. What about beauty in the eyes of God? You not only portray a woman with enourmous fake breasts, you call her a saint without seeing the harm that is being caused through such portrayl.

Further, you call me a pietist, which is false. I am a confessional Lutheran. Instead of quoting from the Bible which will probably lead you to call me a Biblicist or fundamentalist, I will quote to you our Confessions:

"These and similar sentences testify that the Law ought to be begun in us, and be kept by us more and more [that we are to keep the Law when we have been justified by faith, and thus increase more and more in the Spirit]. Moreover, we speak not of ceremonies, but of that Law which gives commandment concerning the movements of the heart, namely, the Decalog. 4] Because, indeed, faith brings the Holy Ghost, and produces in hearts a new life, it is necessary that it should produce spiritual movements in hearts. And what these movements are, the prophet, Jer. 31, 33 shows, when he says: I will put My Law into their inward parts, and write it in their hearts. Therefore, when we have been justified by faith and regenerated, we begin to fear and love God, to pray to Him, to expect from Him aid, to give thanks and praise Him, and to obey Him in afflictions. We begin also to love our neighbors, because our hearts have spiritual and holy movements [there is now, through the Spirit of Christ a new heart, mind, and spirit within]" (Ap, III, 3-4).

"And this [The Creed] is intended to help us do that which according to the Ten Commandments we ought to do" (LC, Apostles Creed, II).

"We believe, teach, and confess that, although men truly believing [in Christ] and truly converted to God have been freed and exempted from the curse and coercion of the Law, they nevertheless are not on this account without Law, but have been redeemed by the Son of God in order that they should exercise themselves in it day and night [that they should meditate upon God's Law day and night, and constantly exercise themselves in its observance, Ps. 1, 2], Ps. 119" (SD, VI, 2).

"likewise, that the old Adam also may not employ his own will, but may be subdued against his will, not only by the admonition and threatening of the Law, but also by punishments and blows, so that he may follow and surrender himself captive to the Spirit, 1 Cor. 9, 27; Rom. 6, 12, Gal. 6, 14; Ps. 119, 1ff ; Heb. 13, 21 (Heb. 12, 1)" (SD, VI, 4).

This is what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. Please see that the portrayl of a woman who is flaunting enormous fake breasts is unhelpful for women in our society, marriages, and is cauing men to sin.

3:52 PM  
Blogger The Terrible Swede said...

How do you KNOW that her boobs are fake?

4:26 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Her modest garb appears to be authentic German Summer-ware. I can definitely appreciate the cultural diversity of this blog. She is a saint, but is also accused of being a sinner. Oh, wait, aren't we all both saint and sinner? Long live beer!!!!

2:28 PM  

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