Friday, February 03, 2006 AD

Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts!

I'd like to thank the powers that be for letting me say a few thousand words (give or take a few thousand) about things with hops and malt.

I did my vicarage 10 miles from the Jack Daniel distillery and less than 10 miles from the George Dickel distillery. So I have a love for whisky, especially the domestic stuff. But my first love is beer.

Such is my hope to tell all y'all about what I'm drinking.

Last week it was my privilege to enjoy some Spaten Optimator (a double bock) and Aventinus (a wheated double bock...unfiltered, unpasteurized, reinheitsgebot). Aventinus is quite sweet but is a treat to drink. A certain professor at a certain seminary enjoys Aventinus and now I know why.

Optimator is much better vom fass but isn't bad in a bottle. A fellow pastor in my district saw me drink an Optimator and remarked how it was a classy beer. I had another bottle and was nice enough to let him taste some class. After drinking Aventinus, Optimator is a touch bitter. By itself it has a bold, yet rich flavor. Vom fass in a boot at Mader's German Restaurant on Old Word Third Street in Milwaukee, WI is the best way to enjoy Optimator. If you've got the appetite, enjoy your Optimator with the Roast Pork Shank. You can thank me by buying me a boot of Optimator. Maybe I'll share some with Mrs. FatherDMJ, who is partial to Pilsner Urquell herself.

On the domestic scene, let me mention Anheuser-Busch's attempt to outdo Guinness. "Bare Knuckle Stout" is available only vom fass at your local tavern. The very fine establishment in the town of note west of us carries Bare Knuckle Stout. It is quite drinkable and a fine substitute if you can't find the Guinness. The same very fine establishment also carries a select item or two from the Schlafly line vom fass. I can drive down the road and pick up a six of Schlafly at the local off-license. May I recommend the Oatmeal Stout or perhaps the Coffee Stout?

Satis est. Sic satis superque. Drink up, friend!


Blogger The Terrible Swede said...

Good intro post, FatherDMJ, and welcome!

Optimator is good but IMO Aventinus is better.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Favorite Apron said...

I can't imagine Busch making anything worth drinking.

A current favorite at our house is:

5:27 AM  
Blogger Bob Waters said...

Goose Island Oatmeal is a fine bottled version of its sub-genre.

BTW, recently made the acquaintence of a good swartzbier. at a locla German restaraunt. Dark and flavorful, like I like 'em, but light and refreshing. May become my summer brew of choice.

10:40 AM  

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